Sepsis: A Decade of Change

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An Advancing Quality (AQ) report designed to provide a clear summary of the progress that has been made in the North West over the last decade in the timely diagnosis and treatment of people with sepsis as well as improvement in outcomes. The report is also intended to outline the variation and shortfalls that still exist for patients with sepsis.

Sepsis can develop rapidly and lead to serious illness and death. If the diagnosis is missed and treatment isn’t given swiftly, the consequences can be dramatic.  About 48,000 patients lose their lives to sepsis in the UK every year. It is a national priority. The diagnostic and treatment guidance is fluid and responsive to changing best practice. This can cause issues with implementation of guidance and ensuring patients receive appropriate treatment. This publication documents the organisational memory of sepsis. In addition this is a celebration of all the improvement that AQ has delivered over the period as well as a record of the opportunities we still face. It’s written in a manner to be accessible to clinical and non-clinical staff.


Webinar: Sepsis – A decade of change
Presentation: Sepsis A Decade of Change

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