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Collaborative: Involving Patients in Patient Safety

Following the publication of the NHS E/I’s ‘Framework for involving patients in patient safety’, we have designed a brand new collaborative to support your organisations to fulfil the framework implementation. The NHS Patient Safety Strategy includes the ambition for all safety-related clinical governance committees (or equivalents) in NHS organisations to […]

Whole System Flow Rapid Diagnostic

The offer will support organisations that want to focus in on issues that impact them across the whole of a system. The programme works with you to identify your key stakeholders, captures the experiences and the process through the diverse range of organisations within a system and feedsback the findings […]

Whole System Flow Re-design

Where an organisation has done a diagnostic or has sought Aqua’s support, we will follow this work up in supporting the outcomes of a diagnostic. A senior improvement advisor will support a key group of stakeholders who will look to deliver on a re-design of the whole system, which includes […]

Managing Change

This programme is delivered over three sessions, aiming to help CCG teams who would like to reconnect with each other, whilst preparing for transition during 2022. The workshops are based around wellbeing and resilience, managing change, and leading and managing change. Aqua’s expert team will facilitate a self-assessment at the […]

Applied Shared Decision Making for Teams

Our Applied Shared Decision Making for Teams programme will support participants to understand shared decision making (SDM) and the need for change in current practice. It will enable you to explore the benefits of practicing SDM and the key challenges to implementing it. This programme will support participants to: understand […]

Personalised Care Learning Collaborative

This mini Learning Collaborative is aimed at a small number of committed teams who want to improve their approaches to personalised care.    This 6-month programme will help your team:  Understand the need for change in current practice, consider the benefits and challenges of practicing Personalised Care and the tools […]

Measurement Masterclass

The Measurement Masterclass helps you create different types of charts and use them to support improvement. The course will cover: Which charts to use and when to use them Statistical Process Charts (SPC) charts Other types of charts, such as funnels plots, scatter plots and histograms Using and interpreting confidence […]

Human Factors Basics

Do you have an interest in improving safety, effectiveness, efficiency, or personal wellbeing? Human Factors is an approach that can help you understand how people, systems and processes can go wrong, then supporting the design of great solutions. It is already recognised as a fundamental aspect of strategies to reduce […]

QI Basics

QI Basics has been designed to allow participants to explore the fundamentals of Quality Improvement in an informative and interactive package. Each module is based on a theme, building on from the other, therefore the package has been designed to be carried out in numerical order. On successful completion of […]

Well Led Tailored Solutions

Well-Led reviews assess the multiple components of how the leadership, management and governance of an organisation assure the delivery of high-quality and person-centred care, supports learning and innovation, and promotes an open and fair culture. We have developed approaches for our customers which support you to: Easily navigate the guidance. […]

Well Led Developmental Reviews

Aqua has extensive experience in bringing a director led team of experts together to deliver Well-Led reviews.  Working in partnership with MIAA, a leading provider of assurance services to the NHS, we have created an innovative and cost-effective partnership solution with the following features: dedicated review team directors with extensive […]

System Leadership

System Leadership is for leaders who wish to understand more about systems and increase their system leadership capability. These leaders may have traditional leadership roles or be working across their system. The programme compromises 6 modules in total with delivery to suit differing learning styles: for example, taught learning events, […]

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