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World Patient Safety Day works to ‘‘enhance global understanding of patient safety, increase public engagement in health care safety, and promote global action to prevent and reduce avoidable harm in health care.”

Each year there is a different theme set for the day, this year’s theme sets out to prioritize and address safety in maternal and newborn care, with particular focus on time of childbirth and the disruption of services due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aqua have extensive experience in delivering training programmes within the NHS to understand and improve the safety culture of organisations and we are helping leaders to understand the relationship between safety improvement and safety culture in order to improve the safety and quality of care delivered to mothers and babies.

Many organisations are now looking to utilise the learning from the pandemic and hold onto any gains that were created during this difficult time. Clearly the challenge is to recover safety, implement any new systems of work uncovered during the pandemic and deliver the requirements of the strategy.
The latest version of the Safety Syllabus was also released this year to support the delivery of the NPSS work, the operational curriculum is currently being worked on and its release is eagerly anticipated.

However, Aqua have considered the challenges being faced by organisations and have created a series of driver diagrams and frameworks to help our members and customers understand the incredibly wide and diverse range of safety improvement programmes that we currently have on offer. These frameworks are intended to provide visibility of how our programmes align to the Safety Syllabus and how participation will support organisational delivery of the NPSS.


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