Personalised Care End of Year Report

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May 26 2023 News

Personalised Care introduces a shift from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to health and care. It brings a patient-focussed way of thinking, giving people choice and control over their mental and physical health.

Aqua is one of the largest providers of Personalised Care training in the UK, and our Personalised Care End of Year Report details the impact that we made during 2022.

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Throughout 2022 our Personalised Care work reached over 430 people from 27 different organisations, as part of our offer of core membership programmes, consultancy commissions and bespoke packages. We continuously review these offers to ensure that we are providing the maximum value, whilst keeping up to date with new developments in Personalised Care.

Last year we also participated in the global ‘What Matters To You’ day. This campaign is all about encouraging health and social care providers to ask “What matters to you?”.  This simple question can help us understand what matters to a patient within the larger context of their life, helping them engage with their health care decisions. During this campaign we reached over 15,000 people, raising awareness of this key aspect of Personalised Care.


How to get involved

We offer the following programmes as part of our core membership offer, and on a consultancy basis:

  • Introduction to Personalised Care
  • Personalised Care by Design (PCI Accredited)
  • Applied Shared Decision Making (PCI Accredited)
  • Personalised Care Learning Collaborative
  • Applied Motivational Interviewing (PCI Accredited)
  • Lived Experience Curation

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Personalised Care Institute Accreditation

During 2022 we delivered training to over 170 people under accreditation by the Personalised Care Institute, and we are now delighted to announce that the following programmes have received accreditation for a third year:

  • Personalised Care by Design
  • Applied Shared Decision Making for Teams
  • Applied Motivational Interviewing for Teams

Once completing one of our accredited programmes, you will receive a Personalised Care Institute certificate to use as evidence of your training.

“We are delighted that Aqua has been re-accredited as a provider of personalised care.  Personalised care should be at the heart of everything we do across health and social care and at Aqua we try to embed this approach into all our areas of work” Emma Walker, Associate Director.

These offers are co-produced with you, establishing your motivations and expectations before the programme begins and developing a bespoke offer tailored for your needs. This is felt throughout the programme as you identify more specific areas of improvement or learning that need building on.

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