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Dec 09 2021 News

We are publishing two new insight reports which show how a structured approach can help hospitals tackle health inequality and improve care and outcomes for patients.

North West England includes eighteen of the twenty most deprived neighbourhoods in the country. People in deprived areas have lower life expectancy and poorer health. Deprivation and health: improving care to tackle inequality describes the scale and impact of deprivation on access to and experience of care and explores how the AQ programme can help make improvements.

People in deprived areas are less likely to receive planned care and are more likely to be admitted to hospital as emergencies for conditions such as sepsis. Around 37,000 patients are hospitalised with sepsis every year in North West England. Improving Sepsis Care by Reducing Variation highlights what works in improving care and outcomes for sepsis patients.

The data the AQ programme collects is unique, with metrics designed by clinical experts to measure and improve the quality of patient care. AQ reports give powerful insights not available from standard NHS data.

Read the Deprivation and health insight report here.

Read the Improving Sepsis care insight report here.

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