Hospital Acquired Pneumonia Policy Project

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Oct 07 2022 Uncategorized

Project Introduction

Hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) is the most frequent hospital acquired infection in England, but little is known about the national burden of the condition. Developing HAP has a pronounced detrimental effect on patient outcomes, increasing length of stay and mortality, and is associated with antimicrobial resistance.

This collaborative project between Liverpool University and the Advancing Quality Alliance (Aqua) investigates the scale of the national HAP burden based on findings from a North West regional initiative, the Advancing Quality (AQ) programme. Eight acute trusts have participated in the AQ HAP programme since October 2020, submitting monthly data on levels of care afforded to HAP patients. The project builds on this successful programme to expand the knowledge base and drive the recognition of HAP as a priority for research and policy.

See the project overview

See HAP Project Phase 1 Report here

In July 2023, we were successful in gaining funding for a further phase of the work, using national data to describe the incidence risk and mortality associated with HAP in England across a five-year period and identifying any regional variation. The report outlining our methodology and findings can be accessed via the link below.

See the HAP Project Phase 2 Report here

Key publications and resources

For more information on this topic, we have a wide range of resources and publications on our HAP literature page.

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