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Jul 01 2021 News

AQ Clinical Lead, Dr Mona Fung, will be stepping down as AQ’s formal lead for the Sepsis NEWS Clinical Focus Area.

As this position has now become available, Aqua are looking to recruit a positive, motivated, and passionate AQ Clinical Lead to support the Sepsis NEWS programme.

The AQ Sepsis NEWS programme remains at the forefront of patient care, with the measures being clinically reviewed with regards to COVID-19.

The colleague will be a true advocate the Sepsis NEWS programme, encouraging non-participating Trusts of its value in participation, defining and identifying priority areas for improvement.

Please submit all expressions of interest to Jacqui Baker, alongside a description of how you aim to support, develop, and further the aims of the AQ Programme.

For further information, please contact AQ’s Programme Manager Becci Pearce.


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