A Decade of Change

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Dec 23 2020 Blogs

No one would have envisaged the scale of challenge and disruption we all faced entering 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic.

We spoke to some of aqua’s senior leaders as they shared their reflections on the underlying issues COVID-19 has put in the spotlight as well as the key changes they’ve seen – and in many cases helped to inspire – over the last decade, while also considering what future challenges we all face.

Neil Turton

Neil Turton, a Director at aqua reflects on the challenges facing the health care sector and the support aqua can provide.



Elizabeth Bradbury

Elizabeth Bradbury, Director, reflects on system wide transformation over the past decade, and how we can accelerate the work being done.


Emma Walker

Emma Walker, Associate Director, reflects on the fundamental shift personalised care culture has seen over the last decade, and why it’s so important.


Ruth Yates

Ruth Yates, Director, shares her thoughts on how we can use leaning from COVID-19 to build accessible services.


Andrea McGuinness

Andrea McGuinness, Head of Quality Improvement at aqua, describes the changes in quality and improvement over the past ten years, and how the NHS has overcome extraordinary pressures brought about by COVID-19.

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