NHS Quest

Aqua is proud to host the NHS Quest Network.

NHS Quest is the first member-convened network for NHS Trusts who focus relentlessly on improving quality and safety. NHS Quest members work together, share challenges and design innovative solutions to provide the best care possible for patients and staff.

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We use improvement science methodology to drive sustainable change at pace and scale across a national network. Our members are an action-orientated, ambitious and committed network of 15 organisations.

Across our membership, from the board to the bedside, leaders at all levels are supported to develop the right culture for our people to consistently improve their services and reliably adhere to best practice.

To do this, NHS Quest members work together as partners on improvement projects. We learn together and from one another across our programmes.


Benefits of being an NHS Quest member include:

  • NHS Quest Experience Days facilitate and deepen learning whilst celebrating achievement across the NHS Quest network, in pursuit of excellence. Each day is hosted by a member organisation and is centred around a theme. Experience days offer the chance to come together and exchange ideas and explore new ways of learning through a variety of delivery methods including immersive site visits, challenge workshops and more.

  • Improvement Science for Leaders (IS4L) is a 10-month long team-based programme that develops leadership through improvement science, with access to experts in the field of improvement and an opportunity to learn and share with like-minded colleagues. The innovative IS4L programme bridges the gap between leadership, teamwork, and quality improvement.

  • This series of 60 minutes dialogues supports members in their development as a QI leader, as well as helping members in their ambition to achieve Quality Improvement leadership across their organisation. Hear insights from internationally recognised NHS Leaders in Innovation and Improvement to deepen knowledge of key topics and concepts.

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