Putting Person Centred Pathways into Practice

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Much has been done to tackle in-hospital flow, yet serious problems persist. We need to reframe the challenge by deepening our understanding of flow and broadening the scope of whole system working.

In 2016, supported by a grant from the Health Foundation, AQuA undertook a 90-day rapid review into whole system flow across care systems. This created a huge amount of energy and interest from our members and so a 12 month discovery programme was developed. Through this work we identified four key themes to be considered when improving whole system flow.

As part of the whole system flow work, we piloted a programme with two localities to test the hypothesis ‘co-designing and commissioning services which are person centred will improve whole system flow, quality and cost’.

We developed improvement plan outlines with each locality that were both cognisant of local context, and also challenged the teams to consider a strategic ambition for testing co-production and person centred approaches and improving whole system flow. We will describe the work undertaken with one of these localities on their frailty pathway.

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