Well Led Developmental Reviews

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Aqua has extensive experience in bringing a director led team of experts together to deliver Well-Led reviews. 

Working in partnership with MIAA, a leading provider of assurance services to the NHS, we have created an innovative and cost-effective partnership solution with the following features:

  • dedicated review team directors with extensive experience of evaluating board leadership and governance arrangements;
  • ability to draw in knowledge and peer review expertise from our respective organisations and our extensive network of over 100 clients and members;
  • a multi-disciplinary, agile and flexible advisory partner enabling local scoping rather than a “one size fits all”;
  • specialist expertise, specifically clinical and quality improvement, leadership experience (including culture and board development), and management information systems;
  • testimonials that recognise our well-led project governance, thoroughness, depth of coverage, and quality of reporting to the Board;
  • a focus on capturing and reporting what you do well just as much as raising areas for improvement;
  • an independent value for money offer from within the NHS that is relevant and supportive.

Our overall aim is to present you with a picture of your Trust that you recognise and that is balanced and fair.

If you’d like to find out more, or have comments and enquiries please get in touch.

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