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Applications close 15 September

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QI Excel (was Advanced Improvement Practitioner (AIP) programme) is designed to support leaders of improvement to develop the skills required of themselves to navigate their settings with confidence.

The programme comprises a launch event, 6 learning sessions and a celebration event delivered face to face plus 3 half day action based learning sessions delivered virtually.

Learning sessions will consider key themes including your role and impact as an improvement leader, systems thinking, and large-scale change with QI methodology at the heart of the programme. Leaders will develop an understanding of how to develop teams and relationships that foster a culture of improvement and enable the best from all.

Working in a safe space, you will be part of a network of peers- learning together, sharing challenges and successes, developing ideas, and creating long term support networks.

Whilst increasing your toolkit, we will ask you to challenge and develop your thinking, creativity and knowledge to help you grow as an improvement leader and offer support as you apply this learning in the workplace in order to help you, and your team to flourish, now and in the future.


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