Introduction to Human Factors

9 & 16 June

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Introduction to Human Factors is aimed at those who are new to Human Factors or those who are interested in refreshing existing knowledge. This entry-level programme will provide participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills for Human Factors in health and care.

Human factors is about enhancing our performance through a better understanding of human behaviour and abilities. It encompasses teamwork, design of tasks, equipment and workspaces, culture, systems and organisations. In this introduction we focus on how we might apply that knowledge in clinical settings although human factors is applicable to all situations. The course will cover the likes of:

  • Importance: Understand the requirement and importance for human factors
  • Combatting Error: Reduction in error/violation through development and application of human factors knowledge
  • Understanding Culture: Developing an appreciation of the positive impact of operating within a Safety Culture and associated sub cultures
  • Leadership Impact: Highlights multi-level understanding of benefits to adapting leadership style
  • Effective Communication: Comprehend the barriers to communication, leading to a reduction in communication error
  • Decision Making: Learning outcomes enable increased effectiveness of decision making
  • Error Reporting: Reduction in barriers to error reporting, development of Just and Learning Cultures


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