Introduction to Human Factors

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Introduction to Human Factors is aimed at those who are new to Human Factors or those who are interested in refreshing existing knowledge. 

This entry-level programme will provide members with the fundamental knowledge and skills for Human Factors in health and care.

Taking place online over two half days, this course will blend guided independent study with facilitated discussion and activities. Participants will be encouraged to apply the learning to their individual roles and environments, to help them reduce error, improve processes that underpin patient safety, and support organisational safety culture.

Learning objectives:

  • What ‘human factors’ is and how the study of it applies to healthcare
  • The different types of error that commonly occur
  • The performance limiting influences of human physiology
  • How people make decisions, and why they may make bad decisions
  • What situational awareness is and why a loss of it is problematic in healthcare environments
  • Why communication errors can arise and how they can be overcome
  • The different elements of a safety culture


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