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Aqua’s experience Coaches are well placed to support you as  leaders as you work through complexity and change and build collaborative relationships and effective teams.

Coaching is one of the most effective development interventions which can help personal development: improve decision making, increase self-awareness, enhance overall performance, describe a shared vision and purpose, increase influence.

Our Coaching offer is here to support senior or executive leaders in roles that:

  • are responsible for developing collaborative or integrated, system level working eg. Integrated Care Boards, Integrated Care Systems, Place Based working, Provider Collaboratives, OR
  • require a deep understanding of improvement or change management approaches eg. HR, Organisational Development, Strategy, Transformation, OR
  • are responsible for bringing people together to drive a culture of improvement; understanding the need to engage and lead improvement approaches.

“I can’t speak highly enough about the Aqua coaching programme and my coach. I went into the process with an open mind, not even really sure what I would talk about at the outset but through discussion the sessions took their own shape and I have been able to tackle some really tricky issues. My coach took me through a process, enabling me to access answers myself but also offering real practical tools and advice which have helped me with a number of work related challenges including applying for and being successful in a new leadership role! I would highly recommend the programme to anyone open to learning, development and growth.” – Service Lead Place and Neighbourhood Working, Wigan Council

“I benefited massively from the coaching supported by Aqua, it was completely professional and confidential. The coach provided constructive challenge which enabled me to see my current situation in a new light. I would highly recommend the support that I received and it enabled me to develop, grown and make decisions and objectively assess where I was in my career and what matters to me.” – Director of Quality Improvement, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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